Body Image, Sewing, and a New Direction

What does body image have to do with sewing? Do the two have anything to do with each other? Personally, I've come to realize they absolutely do. You see, the past 6 months, I've been doing a lot of introspection and asking myself why it is I do what I do? Why do I love to make patterns for other women to sew and be happy with?


Body image has been a bit of a sore spot for me since I've been in high school. Honestly, it's been a struggle for me to maintain a healthy weight because well, I LOVE FOOD! I'm a self-described foodie and I'm also a stress eater. Nice combo! I've tried lots of diets but I end up giving up on them not because I'm not getting any results but because they're so restrictive. Don't eat sugar, don't eat carbs, you can't have wine... the list goes on a on. So while I'm on a journey to embrace my love of food, I also understand there needs to be a balance to achieve my goals of a healthy life.


As women, I think we tend to evaluate ourselves based on what's around us. On Instagram and Facebook, I've felt myself constantly looking for someone who looks like me. Who maybe has a soft belly because they've carried beautiful children, who is self conscious of their arms because they jiggle just a little too much for their liking. I can tell you in the past year or so, either because Instagram's weird algorithm or because we're all trying to accept our bodies as they are, I've seen more ladies who have similar shapes to me. And let me tell you... you are all gorgeous. Never have I seen such beautiful and happy women as I have on my feed recently.

And something I've also realized is I've been holding off sewing clothes that I love because they're not the size I want them to be. But something I have to continually remind myself is--size is just a number! Really and truly. The awesome thing about sewing is that you can blend between 10 sizes to get the best fit for your body and IT DOESN'T MATTER. Clothes should make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

In the past year, I've struggled with this and I think I'm finally on the other side. I'm tired of wearing clothes that are too tight and don't make me feel like the bomb dot com. And something I've figured out is you guys probably are too.

So here's the deal... I want all of us to love ourselves and our beautiful bodies. I'm right there with ya when you look at yourself in the mirror and maybe don't like everything you see. But I know we're also overly critical of ourselves and something you might not like is the very thing that makes you beautiful and unique.

Thinking about my business (that is geared mostly towards women) I knew I needed to make sure this was evident as you poke around the website and sewed up the patterns. What does this mean for Laela Jeyne Patterns? A new look that gives you the feeling of confidence but also comfort. My goal is to give you the best quality patterns but ones that encourage you to make them for yourself and not the Photoshopped model whose body you're comparing yourself to. At the end of the summer, I'll be rolling out some of our updated patterns that are reworked to make you feel your best in them. I can't wait to show you the work we're doing and I hope you're able to take away this message:


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