How To Pick Your Size

A lot of times we get questions on how to pick your size when sewing up a pattern. With Laela Jeyne Patterns, I'm very careful at drafting consistently with my size chart so you get the most consistent results. The greatest thing about sewing is that we can tailor the garment exactly to our body! Grading between sizes helps us get the best and most beautiful fit.

You can watch the video below to find out how to find your sewing cup size when sewing our patterns. The addition of multiple sewing cup sizes came in late 2017, and now the majority of our patterns have cup sizes. All of our patterns will have cup sizes by the middle of 2019.

With a D sewing cup size myself, I know how difficult it is to constantly be adjusting patterns for your bust. I decided to add in cup sizes so it was that much easier for everyone to get the best fit. In the fitted woven and knit patterns, you'll have pieces for cup sizes A-E. In the easy fit patterns, you'll have pieces for a regular bust (cup sizes A-B) and full bust (cup sizes C-E).

My favorite pattern with cup sizes is the Camille Dress pattern. You can even check out our handy bra hack to make it that much more stunning.

For a more in depth tutorial on how to find what sizes you should grade between you can view the video below. Be sure to remember that grading between sizes gets you the most accurate fit when sewing for yourself!

And as always, if you ever have any questions about how to pick your size, but sure to contact us and we'll help you out!

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