How to Print and Assemble No Trim Pages

Here's just a quick tutorial on how to print and assemble no-trim pages that are offered on a number of my patterns.

First, you will open your pattern file in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.


It is best that you print with layers selected to avoid confusion when cutting out your selected size. Choose either the US or A4 Guidelines based on your paper size.



When printing, choose CUSTOM SCALE at 100% and PORTRAIT ORIENTATION.

Print just the first page of the pattern pieces to check the Test Square. If it's correct, you should then print the pages you need.

After printing you will assemble your pattern using the solid or dashed lines on the margins of the page and in the order they are numbered. Users in the US will use the solid line when taping their pages together. International users will use the vertical dashed lines and horizontal solid line to tape their pages together.  To assemble no trim pages, you will place the second page over the  edge of the first page so that the edge of the second page is against the line, but not overlapping it. This picture shows the intersection of 4 pages taped together. International users will place the second page against the dotted line.

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