The Bra Hack For All Your Summer Dresses

Hey all!

We recently released the Camille dress and while it's a beautiful dress, it also has an open back that can cause some problems with those who want to wear a bra. Well, fear no more! I've discovered an open back bra hack you can use to hide your bra but still maintain support while wearing your backless or low back dresses and blouses. And it's so easy, it's silly!

To do the open back bra hack, you'll need the following

  • 1 set of bra hook and eye closures with the same amount of rows as the bra you're planning on wearing. For mine, I normally have a 3 or 4 row closure. You can get these at any store that sells sewing supplies or clothing supplies. They may be labeled as bra extenders and you can undo the stitching to insert the elastic.
  • 1 length of elastic. I used a 2.5" plush elastic that I bought from Joann Fabrics. You can use any wide elastic you'd like but remember it will be against your skin and you'll want it to be comfortable. The elastic should be the measurement of your waist or lower waist, depending on where you plan on wearing it. You may need to trim off a few inches if you elastic is extra stretchy.


The instructions are easy! To avoid getting confused about the correct direction for your hook and eye closures, clasp them together.

Then you'll insert the ends of each side of elastic into each open side of the closure. Pin if desired.

Sew the closure openings closed on top of the elastic.

Now you're done with the hard part!

To wear convert your bra, you'll hook the hook closure to the eye side of your bra. Wrap the elastic around your waist and bring the opposite end around to the back. Then you'll hook the bra to the eye side of your closure. This will make the bra hit several inches lower on your back than it would normally.

Adjust your straps and the elastic as necessary and wear your dress with confidence! Buy the Camille dress here to use with your newly convertible bra.




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