Why Sewing for Yourself is Important

I find myself writing a lot about body image, body size, and what it has to do with sewing for yourself. Why, you ask? Because for years I told myself that I wasn't good enough. I thought I needed to be unnaturally skinny for my body type because that's what I saw everywhere. This year, I put my foot down and finally said, "I AM ENOUGH!". Has it been an easy thing to do a 180 turn in my thinking? Of course not! But it's important. Important because I realized it was holding me back in my life and my sewing.

My Why

Sewing for yourself is important for so many reasons. Some of the reasons I have really been focusing on recently are:

  • You get the best fit when sewing for yourself! Forget the tailor—you can now give yourself an amazing fit.
  • Sewing is my self care. Nothing feels better than slipping into a perfectly fitting garment and wearing it with pride.
  • Shopping for RTW really stresses me out. When I sew for myself, size is just a number and grading is no big deal!

I wrote a whole post about what body image and sewing have to do with each other. It seems like I'm not the only one that has body image, size, and size inclusivity on my mind because I've seen it talked about all over in the sewing community these days. What I'm seeing is we all want to be represented in the community and that's awesome! Just in the past week, I've seen 4 indie pattern designers announce that they're extending their sizes and guess what?! We are too! As of 2019, Laela Jeyne Patterns will go up to a size 30 dress size.

A Comparison

Size 30 means something different for every label so I did some research on the size discrepancy between the Laela Jeyne size chart and RTW (ready to wear) clothing brands. Below is a chart with my findings comparing my size chart to some popular clothing brands—both women's/misses sizing and "plus" sizing. You'll see that our sizing is fairly consistent with most major brands.


Please keep in mind this chart only includes one cup size. With a D sewing cup size myself, I know how difficult it is to constantly be adjusting patterns for your bust. I decided to add in cup sizes so it was that much easier for everyone to get the best fit. In the fitted woven and knit patterns, you'll have pieces for cup sizes A-E. In the easy fit patterns, you'll have pieces for a regular bust (cup sizes A-B) and full bust (cup sizes C-E).

See the chart below to see how you can completely customize your clothing to your body!


What's in the Future

I'm making these changes to show you all that I'm listening! I hear you and I'm right there with you. I want this movement to grow and I'm so excited to use my business to help that happen.

Stay tuned for exciting things in 2019. And thanks for being here along the way!

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